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Custodial Services

North Shore Asset Management, LLC does not take possession of client securities. We typically recommend selecting one of two large national brokerage companies to custody client accounts and their securities. The custodians we recommend offer attractive commission rates, and boast some of the most advanced technology and trading systems available. These systems allow for efficient transactions, as well as access to a wide array of investment products.


Accounts maintained for our clients at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and TD Ameritrade are protected by the Securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC); and both custodians supplement SIPC protection with additional insurance coverage. It is important to note that all client accounts remain in the client’s name, providing for the greatest transparency and security. North Shore Asset Management's clients receive monthly account statements directly from their account custodian. This direct relationship further ensures account transparency and asset security for our clients.


Both Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. and TD Ameritrade offer North Shore Asset Management's clients a full range of account administrative services, including capital gains reporting, asset transfers and cashiering transactions. Because the back office and administrative staff is employed and managed by the custodial firms, NSAM is free to focus on investment research and portfolio management.




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